Partnership Youth Initiative

The Partnership Youth Initiative (PYI) is a youth mentorship and internship program that brings together business professionals and disadvantaged high school youth.

The PYI program intends to increase the rate of high school graduation among the economically disadvantaged youth by easing financial pressures through paid internships.

Who We Serve

PYI participants come from underserved communities, frequently of low-income families who struggle to make enough for subsistence and who usually live with lack of opportunities, in environments where drugs and gangs can easily become an attractive for the young population.

The HBF Approach

By fostering work ethics and successful workplace behavior, PYI students not only receive a valuable mentorship and a role model guidance, but also a stipend to assist with living expenses and to alleviate economic stress to motivate students to better focus and work harder to complete their high school diploma.

Collaboration With Local Businesses

PYI provides an opportunity to business owners to be involved in their community by mentoring students who will join the workforce, and to share their entrepreneurial spirit and professional experiences.

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