The Business Empower Center of the HBF (BEST) provides emerging and small business with the opportunity to nework, attend webinars and seminars about marketing, business management, credits and loan education, County resources, labor law, taxes, and social media strategies.

  • Our BEST workshops serve an average of 120 participants from Hispanic and minority communities.
  • Our BEST one-to-one coaching sessions serve an average of 25 small businesses.

The Problem

Small businesses often face obstacles to provide goods and services to State and local public organizations, access financial services and new markets, among others.

The HBF Approach

HBF supports small business through workshops and coaching sessions to take advantage of available resources at the Federal, State and County levels. The Foundation walks small business owners through methods and tools to navigate the various procurement boards, helping them comply with the necessary requirements to provide their goods and services.

HBF Initiatives

Some successful initiatives we have implemented in the BEST program include:

  • Procurement seminars with Montgomery County
  • Federal, State and Local government contract seminars
  • One-to-one coaching sessions specific to the organizations’ needs

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