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15 Years helping the Youth

At the Hispanic Business Foundation we are very excited to celebrate our 15th Anniversary this year 2015.

The Hispanic Business Foundation is a charitable organization working to offer opportunities for growth and sustainability to our Maryland community.

Support from individuals, corporations, grants and content events are the way the HBF outreaches the youth in the community.

We help those who are pursuing career development or small businesses looking for ways to leverage their entrepreneurship initiatives.

To keep up the good work and move forward, we need your contribution and collaboration as a community member!

Ways you can contribute


The HBF works closely with organizations or small business owners willing to provide entry level jobs or subsidized paid internships to under-served youth from 16-24 years old.


Entrepreneurs and professionals willing to serve as a role model for a student. A mentor will guide PYI interns in getting ahead and look beyond their high school years, and develop their skills sets in real-life settings.

Volunteer for youth

The HBF offers workshops and training sessions for the young population we serve. Experienced professionals in areas such as finances, HR, literacy, among others, are crucial for the success of these initiatives.

Volunteer for Business

The HBF supports conduits to promote small businesses overcome growth challenges. Your time and efforts will help sustain HBF and contribute towards Maryland’s economic development.

How would you like to help?