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HBF ProgramsHelping the Youth with Proven Successful Programs

HBF serves approximately 45 students every year, ranging from 16 to 24 years old.

Two main programs for the youth:

  • Partnership Youth Initiative (PYI)
  • Add Us In (AUI)

The purpose of both programs is to assist students achieve a path towards independence by finding internship and employment opportunities with local businesses.

Partnership Youth Initiative (PYI)

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Award winning mentoring program in Montgomery County!

What is PYI?

The Hispanic Business Foundation’s Partnership for Youth Initiative (PYI) is a youth mentorship / internship program that brings together business professionals and disadvantaged high school youth together.

The PYI program intends to increase the rate of high school graduation among the economically disadvantaged youth by easing financial pressures through paid internships

The Problem

PYI participants come from underserved communities, frequently of low-income families who struggle to make enough for subsistence and who usually live with lack of opportunities and in environments where drugs and gangs can easily become an attractive for the young population.

The Solution

By fostering work ethics and successful workplace behavior, PYI students not only receive a valuable mentorship and a role model guidance, but a stipend to assist with living expenses and to alleviate economic stress to motivate students to better focus and work harder to complete their high school diploma.

Collaboration with Local Businesses

At the same time, the PYI provides an opportunity to business owners to be involved in their community by mentoring students who will join the workforce, and to share their entrepreneurial spirit and professional experiences.

Add Us In Program (AUI)

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One of eight chapters nationwide!

What is AUI?

ADD US IN is a Federal Granted Program whose overall goal is to build cross-sectorial capacity for educational work experiences and jobs for youth and young adults with disabilities from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

The Problem

The demographic of young people with disabilities is growing, however the vast majority of these disabilities do not prevent the person of performing most personal and professional tasks. The problem is that kids automatically think that they will not be accepted by any employer.

The Solution

Through a sustainable network of disability, diversity, and business experts, Maryland’s chapter of AUI aims to increase the capacity of targeted businesses to provide work experiences and employ youth with especial needs from under-represented and historically excluded communities within Montgomery County.

Current and Upcoming Initiatives

  • Small business Seminars and One-to-one consultancy
  • English as a Second Language incubators for gardeners
  • Youth Sports media Camp


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