Aida Flores

HBF Executive Director

PICTURE-Aida Flores


Aida Flores has over 25 years of versatile professional experience promoting sustainability and social empowerment in developing countries. Throughout her many managing positions, and with a solid background as city planner, conducting development plans and programmatic strategies in vulnerable environments and post-disaster situations, Aida has focused her work on empowering disadvantage and vulnerable populations in Latin-American and now she is applying this experience in the United States, as the President for the Hispanic Business Foundation of Maryland (HBF).

In this capacity, she manages the overall strategy for the Foundation activities, coordinates HBF programs and the stakeholder’s engagements plans, with a focus on the small-business sector and the underserved young communities in Montgomery County, Maryland.  Aida’s leadership role at the HBF also comprises the design of the HBF development and expansion strategies.

Recently, Ms. Flores was selected as a new Board member for the Montgomery Community Media, the nonprofit organization that runs Montgomery Community TV, and has been elected as the Vice-president of the Board.