About HBF



To provide educational and community outreach to and for Hispanic and other minority-owned businesses as a benefit to the economic and social development of the Maryland community at large.


Promote education, sound business practices, and synergies between youth and the business community, specially minority owned businesses in Maryland.

Non-Profit Status

The Hispanic Business Foundation is a 501c3 non profit organization, and has also been qualified as a charitable organization 501c1 under U.S. Internal Revenue Service regulations.



The HBF was founded in year 2000 as an initiative from the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Montgomery County (HCCMC) board of directors to promote and establish a connection between businesses and the community.


HBF launched the youth program called Partnership Youth Initiative (PYI). PYI is a program designed to help disadvantaged youth to gain work experience in their field of preference with a lasting mentorship platform. Learn more about PYI >


HBF started to work with the Children’s Miracle Fund Program (CMF). The CMF’s aim was to fund initiatives that allowed Latino youth to afford opportunities for learning, entrepreneurship, community involvement, as well as financial management, and appreciation for cultural and ethnic diversity.


HBF partnered with TransCen Inc to work on an initiative promoted by the U.S Department of Labor called Add Us In (AUI). AUI is a program designed to assist youth with disabilities to achieve a path towards independence by finding internship and employment opportunities. Learn more about AUI >


HBF re-structured their online and offline systems to allow better collaboration between business owners and the local youth of Maryland.

HBF provides educational opportunities for business owners seeking to get a business off the ground, or seeking to re-invent themselves.